The DioField Chronicle Gets Free Major Content Update


Square Enix has launched a new free update for strategy RPG, The DioField Chronicle. This update brings new story content, maps, missions, skills, and additional game modes ulasan film to enjoy.

Players can now assume the role of Waltaquin, learning more about their thoughts and choices with five new main missions, two sub missions, a new map area, and a new Mind Map system. Explore tactical possibilities when you utilise Waltaquin’s “Magic Tome” equipment type, unlocking Necromancy and Necrotiem skills that will surely be useful against DioField’s fearsome new boss: the Behemoth. There are also new challenges introduced with a “Very Hard” difficulty level for the main game. Players who have completed the main game will also enjoy “Extra Mode”, which adjusts enemy levels and attack power as part of DioField’s New Game+.

The DioField Chronicle follows the Blue Fox mercenary group and their journey in an ongoing resource war over the titular island of DioField, which is rich with jade, a valuable resource nations want for its magical properties. The game features a deep and strategic real-time battle system as well as a unique world that combines fantasy, medieval, and modern elements.

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